Job Outline

D. L. Webster

AccuserJob is only faithful because of his prosperity; afflict him and see how he responds.1:1-2:13
Job and his three friends debate3:1-31:40
JobI wish I hadn't been born.3:1-3:26
EliphazInnocent people aren't ruined (therefore you must not be innocent); beg for God's mercy.4:1-5:27
JobI'm miserable; you're terrible friends. Why are you doing this to me God?6:1-7:21
BildadObviously you have sinned; beg God for forgiveness and perhaps he'll restore you.8:1-8:22
How could I get a hearing and prove my innocence when God is so big and powerful?9:1-10:1
Why are you doing this God? Can't you give me a break?10:2-10:22
ZopharConfess your sins to God and he will restore you.11:1-11:20
God is in control; your arguments are worthless my friends.12:1-13:19
What have I ever done to you God? Life is bad enough as it is—can't you lay off?13:20-14:22
EliphazYou're stupid and evil.15:1-15:35
JobI've been wronged.16:1-17:16
BildadYour misfortune obviously must be a sign of your wickedness.18:1-18:21
JobGod has ruined me; why are you my friends also abusing me?19:1-19:29
ZopharGod punishes the wicked (so again, your misfortune obviously must be a sign of your wickedness).20:1-20:29
JobDoes God really punish the wicked? No, wicked people often prosper.21:1-21:34
EliphazYou're evil; repent and turn back to God.22:1-22:30
I'm innocent I tell you.23:1-23:17
Why doesn't God help the less fortunate while wicked people are getting away with evil? Surely God will punish the wicked in the end. (Right?)24:1-24:25
BildadYou're awfully arrogant to maintain your innocence when you are nothing compared to God.25:1-25:6
God is powerful.26:1-26:14
I'm not going to confess sins I don't believe I've committed. I agree that God punishes the wicked (which—since I'm innocent—is why my calamity doesn't make sense).27:1-27:23
Where can wisdom be found? God.28:1-28:28
I miss my good life and the respect I had; now people mock me.29:1-30:19
God, why are you punishing me? What sin have I possible committed to deserve this?30:20-31:40
Elihu's monologue32:1-37:24
You three friends, your arguments of have been terrible; now I have something to say.32:6-32:22
God uses pain to get people's attention and prompt them to return to him.33:1-33:33
ElihuIsn't God just? How can you, Job, justify yourself and claim that God has wronged you?34:1-34:37
ElihuSure, people seek God when they're hurting, but why should God give you a hearing? (Do you arrogantly think you are that important?)35:1-35:16
God is just; therefore you have obviously sinned.36:1-36:25
God is all powerful; how can you dare to question him? (In other words, you are obviously sinning by questioning God.)36:26-37:24
God speaks38:1-42:6
GodAre you, Job, so wise and powerful compared to me?38:1-40:2
JobMy bad!40:3-40:5
GodAre you powerful enough to question me and suggest I've wronged you?40:6-41:34
JobI'm a fool; I was arrogant to think I knew what I was talking about. I'm sorry; please forgive me.42:1-42:6
Resolution — God restores Job's fortunes42:7-42:17